Friday, October 19, 2007

Just busy living here. Brian leaves on Sunday for China, so sad. But mom comes on Thursday, yippee. Last night the four of us spent some time in the basement due to Tornado Warnings (or was it Watch, whichever is more severe-I think). I actually enjoyed it. I love watching Brian with our girls, he is so sweet. Kendall was just standing next to him talking his ear off and he was sitting on the ground just listening and rubbing her little back, cute. Tomorrow I'm taking the girls to a local garden with a picnic lunch for a Halloween event, they'll be wearing their borrowed costumes so stay tuned for pictures. The girls are actually each wearing Anna's 1st and 2nd Halloween costumes, I'm so creative this year, aren't I?
I've really been trying to live in every moment lately, Kendall and Kate are both growing up SO fast. Kendall carries on a full conversation with you and is so funny and Kate is already trying to pull up on stuff. She is such a happy girl and she thinks Kendall is pretty cool (even though Kendall is still having a bit of a hard time sharing with her). I did see a bit of improvement today but I changed strategies a bit. I was being super watchful to see her doing something nice and I made a huge deal out of it. She still had plenty of 'bad' moments but there was some improvement I think. Tomorrow is a fresh new day so we'll get to try all over again.


  1. Love that little hat and raincoat, and Nathan says Kendall's purple shoes are awesome :)

  2. They are such cuties!! Have fun at the Halloween event! I can't wait to see pictures!
    Love you!