Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Okay, I better update the blog before you angry blog readers attack me in my sleep. We're doing okay on our own, Kendall has recently acquired the annoying habit of waking up around 6am. Today it was about 6:15 but yesterday I got the wake up call around 5 and then we had a bit of a power struggle until 6:30. Not fun. But, other then that we're good. She has been saying a lot of funny things lately. Here ya go...

She repeatedly informs me of things that she should not eat, "Is that paper? I don't eat paper" or "I don't eat dirt" "I don't eat toilet paper"...

She keeps telling me, "I'm so tall". Ah, sure honey, you keep telling yourself that.

This morning in bed she snuggled in close to me and asked to hold my hand. We were all cuddled up and I told her that I loved her and she said, "You stinky mommy" Ah, hello, you woke me up, you are in my bed with your head on my pillow and you are complaining about my breath? Of course she is unaware of the source of the smell so she says, "You change your diaper mommy?"

She has always loved books but the last week she has been even more in to them. She will sit and look at a stack of books for an hour. Another love that has been rekindled lately is any and all baby dolls. Kate kept trying to get to Mimi today so I went upstairs to find her a little doll of her own, we came down with about five "Mimis". Kendall holds three and Kate holds two. Kendall rocks back and forth with them and shhhhh's them. Kate shoves their hands into her mouth or she attacks them on the floor and "kisses" their bald heads.

Brian sent out an email that said he had ate "Pig Lung Soup". Ah, gross! This is the man that claims my cooking is too "adventurous" because I try new recipes. He is in for it now. If he can eat that or chicken with its head still on he can try my Beef and Butternut Squash Chili. By the way, he has had that chili but I called it "Winter Soup" and he liked it. He later realized that it was squash and not potatoes and now refuses to eat it (he had it about four times first though).


  1. That is all so funny! Winter soup...I will have to remember that one!! And I agree, after his piggy soup, he has NO room to complain!

    I wanted to ask you what you were thinking... She gets you up at 6am and you don't run to the bathroom to brush your teeth before falling back asleep!?!? Of all the nerve! haha!

    Take care! Love you!

  2. That is too funny! Did he say whether he liked it? Give the girls hugs:)

  3. I miss all three of my girls. Ready to come home now and snuggle with all of them.