Sunday, October 07, 2007

Toy Tornado

I'm not against toys, I love that my girls have toys to choose from, I especially love toys that encourage them to a) be creative b) use their brains. However, I am against the explosion of toys that has taken over our house. Since we "live" on the first floor and the girls' rooms are upstairs I can't expect them to keep all of their toys in their rooms. I have found that if there are a TON of toys out that the girls are actually more bored then entertained. I always have kept about half of the toys in the basement in boxes and we would rotate them upstairs so that things seemed 'new' but I find that I don't rotate often enough or that things come up and nothing goes down. SO last week I started a new toy sorting idea. I got four large plastic bins and divided all of the toys into them (with the exception of puzzles, balls, legos, books which are always out) all the bins are in our hall closet and every day a different bin is out. Kendall has been playing with things that have sat untouched in our living room for the past 6 months. She is also so much better about cleaning up because she knows exactly where everything goes...into the bin!


  1. I love this idea! I'll have to remember that for one day when I have munchkins...

  2. I tried to do this when my kids were young, too. And since Madison has been with us, me and my mom have gotten some of their old toys from the attic and even at 30 and 27, they still get in the floor and play with them like they were new!!

    Oh my goodness. Ashley, are those socks that look like Mary Janes? If so, I have got to find some!! Love them!! You guys have a great week. I am off work today and my shadow is at daycare!! Hope to get lots done. luv, paula

  3. That is such a good picture of you and Kate!!so cute!!!