Thursday, October 04, 2007

A List of Random **Edited to add links

I'm a little disorganized today, or maybe a more accurate phrase that describes my day is 'organized chaos'. I'm jumping from one thing to the next so in celebration of this chaotic-ness here are some very random thoughts:

My favorite phrases Kendall has said today:

"Help this fish out" She wanted me to take a piece off of her toy fish.
"I'm a goose ball, no, daddy's a goose ball, no, I'm a nutty butt" She is trying to say goof ball.

Number of magazines in my 'to read' pile: 16! NOTE: I do not buy all of these, I pick up outdated ones from the library, people bring them to me (love that (Susan)), and I do subscribe to a few. Oh, and some are catalogs

Number of partially cleaned rooms in my house...pretty much all of them, that is where the chaos comes in, I've started cleaning every room but nothing has been finished yet.

Today in Bible Study we watched an interview with Bono. I loved it, he was inspiring, eloquent, poetic, transparent, he was opinionated but he backed a lot of his controversial opinions up with some good facts. I believe that he is a little confused in some of his theology but he seems like a pretty smart guy and doing a lot of good. He had me wanting to sign up for a missions trip to Africa. Seriously, I still want to go, next summer, what do you think Brian? Anyone want to babysit a couple of crazy girls for a week or so? They'll provide hours of entertainment and only require hugs and macaroni and cheese.

**If you want to watch the interview go to and type in "Bill Hybels interviews Bono" it has two parts--thanks for the info Jennie

Another random and unrelated tangent I'm been thinking about health and diet changes and going "green" a lot lately. I like to think that this is not influenced by the current popularity on the subject although I can't say for sure that it hasn't influenced me. But, I have mentioned my Volvo driving, Whole Foods eating dream self on here before (I can not say that driving a Volvo is at all 'green' but hey, it's my dream). I checked out the "Green Book" from the library and I requested the following books:

"The Truth About Food" by Jill Fullerton-Smith and "Wholefood" by Jude Bleveaue (spelling?) I would LOVE to eat all unprocessed foods with no artificial sweeteners... I can honestly say that I doubt I will ever be completely at that point but I am making steps towards that lifestyle.

I somehow feel that way of eating is also tied to being conservative with your waste in food and other garbage. I'm researching local recycling because we don't currently recycle (sorry, Nathan, please forgive me) and I'm looking into cloth grocery bags...

Okay, that is enough of my ramblings. Going to leave the house in it's current state of unfinished cleaning and play on the floor with my girls and then we're off to the gym.

PS Tomorrow our living room is being painted "Tropical Tan" stay tuned for pictures.

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  1. We can't babysit the girls because we will be in Africa with you. And even if we weren't going, Nathan would refuse due to your lack of recycling ;)