Sunday, November 18, 2007

Bloggity Mood

I guess I just haven't been in a blogging mood lately. Friday night was our five year anniversary. I got royally spoiled: an entire new outfit to wear on our date, two super sweet cards, a dozen roses, and diamond earrings. Crazy crazy sweet. We went to a Japanese steakhouse and Jennie watched the kids for us. So much fun.

Today is Brian's birthday and Kate also got dedicated at church (but we failed to take a family picture!). Brian's ideal day included all of his favorite foods (veggies and dip, cucumber salad, Beef Stroganoff and lemon Italian ice) some couch time, and football games. I must note that his favorite foods are vastly different from mine. My favorite foods more closely resemble Buddy Elf's: candy, candy canes, candy corn, and syrup.
We ran into our friend Carol at church and I took this picture.

Kendall has been doing this lately:
She has also been helping to put away groceries and building towers out of daddy's special coffee boxes.

Today during Brian's "couch time" and the girl's nap time I made a little art smock for Kendall. I made it a little too small I'm afraid but it was my first, I'll have to make another soon.


  1. Happy Anniversary!!! (just a tad late). It sounds like it was wonderful!!!!! Also, Happy late Birthday to you Brian:) It sounds like you have had a grand weekend:)
    Take Care, Kim

  2. Hi Ashley! I'm coming out of lurker-mode to wish you a happy anniversary! Wow...doesn't seem like 5 years.


  3. Happy Anniversary, belated b-day to Brian, and happy dedication day to little Kate. We forgot to get any family pictures too :(

    LOVE the art smock!

    Mmmmm, syrup.....

  4. In an effort to not sound repetitious I will change up my order. Happy dedication day Kate, happy birthday Brian and happy, happy anniversary to both of you.

    Diddo Jen05. I love the art smock also!

    BTW, I like Buddy Elf also...Paul just rolls his eyes at me!

    Love you Hon!