Monday, November 19, 2007

I love...

...that Kendall calls it "Chicken Pie" instead of Chicken Pot Pie
...that she can get incredibly excited about weird and random things like this jar of mayo. --sharp intake of breath--"LOOK!"
...that when we're driving in the car she says, "Watch out Buddy" Some of you may think this is funnier then others. I call bad drivers "Buddy" but I learned it from my mom. At one point my family laughed when I was Kendall's age because I started to say 'buddy' in the car.
...that my husband purposely picks out cards that are artsy and that look like something I would make
...when Kate 'hugs' me by burrowing into my shoulder (despite the fact that I usually get some unfortunate bodily fluid on my shirt)
...when I feed Kate at night she puts her arms up over her head and stretches. She becomes stiff as a little board, sticks her lips out, and her chunky little cheeks get even rounder.
...that I've been able to be crafty lately
...that with the new desk placement the girls play in here and haven't seen a single TV show in about three weeks.
...learning something new about someone you love.
...Hazelnut iced coffee (thanks Kristy)
...olive oil and rosemary flavored Triscuits (thanks Jennie)
...reading about the lives of other creative people or in other words: reading blogs
...being inspired to create
...receiving a card that is so thoughtfully written that I need to carry it around in my purse just in case I want to read it during the day.
...being able to appreciate my entire family and just life in general.

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  1. This is great! I think we should all do a list like this from time to time. It makes you stop and really appreciate things. Like right now, I can hear the boys stacking child sized furniture in the living room, knocking it over and busting out laughing as bounces off my wood floor into all corners of the room. I love to hear them laugh...but I have to go choke them before I no longer have a room to come back to! Tootles!