Monday, November 05, 2007

Weekend Fun

Kate likes to use a banana styling product. Reminds me of that Cameron Diaz movie

Great weekend.

We got to spend time with Jenn and Justin and then helped surprise Jenn and Amy with a birthday party. So much fun!
  • Kate pulled herself up to a standing position.

  • I reached my goal weight (Pre-kid weight) also known as 'Ocean City weight' and 'Pensacola Survivor' weight

  • Having fun with the Paper Chick classes. This week's class is a clock made out of an artist's painting canvas.

  • We added to our office furniture. Brian and I have been brainstorming ways that we can spend more time together. We don't really watch TV in the evenings but we each like to sit and work at our desks. We have been known to email each other from different rooms in the house!! So we decided to combine offices.

By the way I added a link to Amy's business, check it out it's super cool. (on right Amo-Ink


  1. Is that your blog on your computer in that office picture?! You guys are so cool ;)

  2. Why yes it is, you are really studying these pictures :) I was writing this very blog post.

  3. Well first I was taking style notes from Kate, and it just went from there....