Sunday, November 25, 2007

Jingle Jingle

We've been fighting various ailments here, Kate and I have colds and Kendall a has a stomach bug, yuck. We did manage to have some fun this weekend and we even put up our Christmas tree. The girls and I braved the crowds today and made a trip to Target for some holiday stuff: table linens, glasses, gift for our Angel Tree little girl, and I grabbed a couple of gifts for the girls (movies for our long drive to P'cola later). The girls were great and the lines weren't bad at all. Tonight I got online and finished up Kendall's Christmas gift shopping. She has mastered the "hard" jigsaw puzzle that I bought earlier so I ordered a few more today.


  1. That is priceless! I can remember all the hoopla when we put up our tree when we were little. We would make kid-friendly egg nog, have our different jobs to work on and Mom would put on the Christmas records. She would start singing Christmas carols and dancing around like a goofball and while I was thinking "How does she know all these songs?"
    Derek would say "MOM! Stop that!!!"
    Mom would always say something like, "What? You don't like my dancing?" in that fake shocked voice...and then just smile! But you would always hear her singing as soon as she felt like it was safe.
    I miss decorating at home, but I hope to get some kooky traditions started with the boys. far all I have are cookie traditions!
    haha...I crack me up! (That one was for you, Mom!)

  2. I loved these pictures. I just melted with the one of the girls kissing through the glass. My heart melted.

    I can SO see Kim dancing around and singing. I can also see her little smile. I love you Momma!!