Tuesday, November 06, 2007

What Not To Wear

I've applied to the TV show What Not to Wear. Today would have been a great day for them to gather "secret footage" of my bad dressing but man it is cold outside and I had to dress for warmth. Today's ensemble included magenta socks (over thick light pink socks) army green pants (over yoga pants) a Harvard t-shirt and a fleece. Brrr, it was cold. My girls were dressed similarly to me, not so cute but comfy and warm. No need to look cute here, we can't even leave the house. My car is at the dealer, so sad. Something in the dash cracked and it wouldn't push the heat out by my feet or defrost area, only straight into my face. It dried out my contacts, and kept my toes icy.

Yesterday would have been a good day for What Not To Wear to get more footage of me. On the way to the grocery store one of my contacts ripped. After extreme eye irritation and much eye watering I was left with one "good eye". Only one eye had a contact in it and makeup on it. I got to do my shopping and my driving home with the other one closed. That had to have been cute, eh?
Despite the frigid temperatures we did make it outside for a wagon ride. I had the girls wrapped up in two fleece blankets in addition to all their clothes. Here they are before I got them all swaddled in.


  1. Okay, that show scares me!!! They would take one look at my clothes and say "What are you thinking"?? and then I would be scared they would grab me and say "what is with this bra?????
    Love the posts!! Keep them coming!
    Love Ya, Kim

  2. I really dont think that you would qualify for that show because I love your clothes! It is just cold right now so you need layers! :) I really wish I had been there for the whole contacts thing though! That had to suck! I love you!

  3. I am impressed that you actually got dressed on a day when you knew you would never leave the house. There are days I wear PJs until I realize Pat will be home soon. Shhhh.
    And wait a second...don't I recognize Kendall's pants as Kelly's hand-me-downs? Are you suggesting those pants also should not be worn in public? Those were Kelly's "good pants" I'll have you know.

  4. A, Hon, I love ya and you do NOT qualify for that show! You always look adorable and fashionable and any other 'ables that would go!

    Kristy, you are not the only that does that! Double Shhhh!