Friday, February 27, 2009

Home, Home on the Farm

So deep down in my gut I have this desire (or more of a dream really) to move to a farm. Live off the land, reduce, reuse and recycle everything, have homemade or hand-me-down clothes, canned vegetables, hard manual labor with sweat and tears, no plastic toys the tell you how to play with them (just good ol quality wooden ones and some imagination and art supplies too of course)...the whole nine yards. I love working outside, you get such a sense of accomplishment and you can feel the day's labor in your body and you sleep so well that night. I think that my extended family always thought of me as a 'city girl' and it's true to a certain extent but my heart often thinks about getting back to my 'roots'. Surprisingly, my city boy has the same dream as I do. I feel pretty confident that it wont be something that we act on but it makes for some fun conversations together.
I just finished the best book I have read in a long time (since Eat, Pray, Love) it is a true story of a couple that left the rat race of New York City and lived 1900s style in an old farmhouse in the country. Neither knew how to farm but they researched and prepared and lived off the land, without electricity or other modern day conveniences for an entire year. See You in a Hundred Years by Logan Ward is not a book I will part with in the near future. I read it and would gladly reread it immediately. I couldn't put it down but I also didn't want to finish it.

In completely unrelated news my soon to be four year old has grown out of all her clothes (she is finally into 3Ts and I've even picked up a few 4s!!). I've been moving all her clothes into Kate's closet! Sadly next weekend is the HUGE sale in my old city and I really really want to go. Today we went out and picked up a few summer necessities, we're gearing up for warm weather and I'm worried we may have to wait awhile.

I have not yet listed the eBay stuff. Melissa, I left a comment for you on the last post.

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  1. I am with you on your dream. I suppose after the newness wore off and I was dog-tired and my hands were covered with manly calluses, there is a good chance I would be ready for a weekend with modern conveniences. But I would love that life, for a while anyway! Animals and a massive garden and grape vines like Granny and Pappy had! That smell will remain in my mind forever! :)
    But my other half....nope, not a chance! He isn't the crack of dawn, get knee deep dirty kind of guy. But I love him anyway! :)