Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Project Life 2012: Week One

Is there a good way to take pictures of these? If so I haven't found it. If you click on the photos they should enlarge for you. I've included close ups below, I've also "blurred" last names, any mentions of cities...you understand.

On the right we have the photo of the new house. I've included a photo of progress that is happening there each week. 
Kate warming up on the heater vent before school. To the right of that is a picture Kendall drew of a pig in a rain and thunder storm. The note says, "Kendall's closet is a treasure box full of little notes and drawings! We cleaned closets this week"

I've found so far that I've wanted to include an insert within each two page spread. The front side is a picture the Kendall drew (again) she wrote "Happy New Erhrgr" and then showed it to me, looked at it because she knew it was wrong and then said, "I thought year had a silent g" Love that girl.

The back of the insert has the journaling from this blog post.

The right side of the page has, pictures from our walk, a piece of the offer we received on the house that week, tags from all our new Christmas clothes that we wore that week and part of my grocery list.

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