Saturday, January 07, 2012

Our House

Brian sent lots of pictures of the progress going on at the new house. 
Our front door has been installed. I wanted one with 3/4th windows. 
Right now it's unstained as are all the hardwoods, cabinets and trim in the house.

The whole house has great trim work, this is a shot of the work in Brian's office.

The unstained hardwood, we'll use a dark stain. You can see the bottom step of the stairs, I like that it is curved. The stairs are all carpeted except that bottom step, it's stained to match the floors.

This is the butlers pantry directly across from the regular pantry and between the kitchen and dining room. The large hole is where the wine cooler will go.

You can see the butlers pantry on the far left in the picture below, it's through the arch. The cabinet on the far right of the photo has a space for the ovens. I believe there is supposed to be another row of cabinets to the right of that but the photo isn't clear.

Here we're standing in the eat in portion of the kitchen looking over the bar (that will hold the sink) towards the fridge.

Standing at the sink looking into the great room.

Walking in through the garage there will be a little locker/bench for the kids to hang their backpacks and to sit and put on their shoes.

Upstairs the playroom has double french doors, the girls will have a Jack and Jill bath and Jack will have his own bathroom. In the photo below we're standing in the playroom looking toward the girls' rooms. Their sinks are in separate rooms of the bathroom and there is a wc to hold the potty. I love that feature because in so many of the house we looked at the potty was so close the the bathtub that it would have been difficult for me to bathe them.

Another set of french doors in the playroom leads you to a catwalk that goes over the foyer then on to Jack's little big boy suite.

Standing on the catwalk looking down on the door.

Great moldings in the great room.

Brian has a key to the house now so he can give updates all the time. He sent about 30 pictures today!

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  1. looks like it will be a terrific house, one you can make a great home....
    can't wait to visit :-)