Thursday, January 26, 2012

Happy Birthday Photos!

All I asked for on my birthday (yesterday) was updated pictures on the house. Tonight, he delivered. He also ordered my new fridge and sent me flowers. He's a good man that husband of mine, I think I'll keep him.
Brian, do you remember what these fancy downspouts are for? They had a function, right?
They're cute in person, kind of resembling bird houses but I think that they gathered water or something, I don't know. All the cool kids houses had them.

This is a little silly but I really like that roof line. The way it curves a bit there on the end. I know, I'm smitten.

Sprinkler system going in.
Lights still haven't gone in so some of these are pretty dark. The tile backsplash isn't started either.

Here you can see our finished kitchen cabinets. LOVE this color! Granite and brushed nickel knobs installed too. Hardwood floors are still unfinished, it will be dark.
Standing at the island you can see the finished built-ins (with shelves). Quite an impressive pile of crap too. Lovely, let's hope that is being cleaned up due to the floors getting stained soon? A girl can hope.
My bathroom sink, stained frame for my mirror too. That is a whole lotta counter space there. 

Granite close up

Guest bathroom. Just think, you can sit here if you come visit me. Book your travel now :)
Wrought iron is in on the catwalk. Ah, makes me think of Kate getting her head stuck between the wooden ones of our current house. Let's hope this isn't some foreshadowing of events to come.

Here you can see the two paint colors we have. On the let you see my favorite GREY (french door windows are covered due to painting-these are the french doors of Brian's office I believe) I love grey, or more accurately, Baja Dunes by Benjamin Moore. All the bedrooms and both offices are painted this color. On the right is the tan-ish color that covers the rest of the house. I don't have the exact name of this but it's Sherwin Williams, I believe. Once I get in the house and take better pictures of it with furnishings if anyone is interested I can find out what the exact name is. It's a good neutral, warm but not too yellow.

There we have it kids, I hope you enjoyed my birthday gift as much as I did. Brian even called while I was there to see if I had any questions. I, of course, was stumped. As soon as he left I started thinking of a few though, hee hee.

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  1. So exciting! It's definitely starting to look like a real house, and it's all so pretty! Tell Brian good job on the photos. :)