Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Project Life 2012: Week Two

Kendall had a sick day this week. The journaling reads:
My poor sweet Kendall Bug. Finishing her 2nd round of meds for her sinus infection, a crazy rash (virus) and today a stomach bug. Special prayers going up for you this week. You worked in your workbooks and watched Stuart Little all day.

I included a piece of artwork by Kate (cut down to size) and a picture of our kitchen island that shows the destruction that occurs when the girls get home from school. Journaling:
Papers from school, snack: fruit & soy milk, sweaters, collection of library good. As soon as the girls get home from school.

I had two inserts this week.
Worksheet of Kendalls.
Worksheet (?) of Kates on back.

Kendall was in our local paper AGAIN

Brian was home this weekend so there is a picture of him during his walk with the kids, Kendall's class is studying weather so I included that since I thought it was a good indicator of the weather that week, the girls busy working on their own things and a house update photo.
With the colder weather we've been playing inside a lot. I love when the girls are busy working on something. Favorites: puzzles books, and Christmas gifts.

I'm having to do a lot of abnormal errands with the house and move so I included a list and some receipts:
To Do Wednesday: renew license, ship 4 packages, notarize document, pick up b-day git, bank, gas, groceries, appointment for home gym pick up.

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