Friday, January 13, 2012


Lots of progress made on the house this week. Cabinetry finished, staining complete.
The front door got a great dark stain.

I don't know what this space is technically called. Maybe an "open hallway" in the great room. In order to keep from walking through the center of the room and furniture the house is kind of bumped out along the side to offer a hallway of sorts except one side is floor to ceiling windows and the other side is open to the great room. I love the detail in the woodwork below the windows, I know that has a name, but I'm drawing a blank. Help me out here?

The bath. To the left is my sink and closet and to the right is Brian's sink, his closet, the WC and the walk in shower

My closet, honestly I don't have nearly enough clothes to fill it.

Tile work in the master. I believe the laundry and mud room have the same tile. 

Oh, there's my sink. The mirror is framed out.

Shower tile. We wanted to ensure that it had a place for shampoos and stuff. Irritating to see a nice shower with bottles all in the corner of the floor.

Another thing we added was a full length framed mirror in the master bathroom.

The built-ins were stained this week. Not sure where the shelves are, that is something we'll have to follow up on.

We opted to have the island different than the other cabinets. The majority of the cabinetry will be this white(ish) color with a glaze over it and the island is the same rich staining as the built-ins across from it in the great room. This island reminds me that I'm not allowed to have any more kids...only space for three here.

The pantry. Well thought out in that it has the space there to the left tall enough for the broom. If you could see my pantry now you would laugh, like my closet in the bathroom I'll never have enough stuff to fill this.

Finally, the stair trim is stained as well.

We've also made progress in the move as well. Brian was really busy scheduling movers and car shipments. We've tried to divide the work somewhat but Brian seems to have the majority of it. He has to make all the calls, handle all the mortgage stuff and do all the scheduling which I know is so time consuming. I've dealt with the stuff on this end of the move: showing the house (ie keeping the house spotless while wrangling three kids on my own), as well as coordinating all the fixes from the two inspections we've had. I can't complain. Moving is exhausting, Mommying is tiring on its own but we just feel so blessed and excited and now anxious to get there. You better believe that we have a countdown on the fridge that we mark off each day.

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