Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Do You Remember When? and a plea

Remember this sweet little neck? So cute, I'm sure it's still sweet I just can't see it buried under all her hair. This week we're going to get a little "trim". Brian thinks that her hair is getting a little too mullet-ish. I don't think it resembles a mullet at all but I do agree that the back is getting a tad long. Pictures to come. This photo also reminds me of a time that I could sit her down on a blanket and she would stay there! Crazy, but actually she can entertain herself so much longer now that she is mobile!
Sunday is Brian's work Christmas party and the women are to wear "holiday festive" attire which has sent me into a mad rush about town to find a maternity outfit that I like. I found a little black dress that I'm going to holiday up with accessories. Trying to find a little red clutch that I like and some snazzy shoes...gonna raid some closets.
Now to the plea portion of my post. As you may remember my computer died a few months back and as I just told my friend Jenn in an email it had my address book firmly gripped in its claws when it took its last breath so now that it is time to address our Christmas cards I'm really 'up a creek without a paddle' as my folks would say. So any family and friend that reads this PLEASE PLEASE send me your address. I'm not really sure who all read this so it will be interesting to see the responses that I get. Even if I have never sent you a card before (I probably didn't have contact information for you and I didn't have a blog to send out my public service announcement to get it) please still send it to me, I want to send you a card, oh faithful blog reader. :)

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