Friday, December 29, 2006


I made Brian a little 'honey do' list of things that needed to get done before he goes out of town and one item on the list was to get Kendall's big girl bed and to move the crib into my old office. Well, today was the big day. We bought the frame and mattress and will order the headboard once we find one we like. We decided to put the mattress directly on the floor (shorter distance to fall). Kendall was really excited and climbed in and out using Gram's little stool. I've been worrying and praying all day about bedtime. We had a busy day so Kendall was worn out. She and I were out buying her sheets during nap time so she slept while we were in Target, she and her daddy went for a walk around the block while I cooked dinner and then we had Jennie, Nathan, and Anna for dinner so Kendall was just tuckered out. We had our normal bedtime routine (about 30/45 minutes later then usual) and then we put her in the bed and I sat on the floor outside her door prepared to sit awhile and prepared to have to keep putting her back in bed. She fussed for about 5 minutes then went right to sleep. I am so thankful. I realize that we may not be free and clear yet but I am just so proud of our Little Bug!


  1. Woooooo hooooo!!! That is so great! Now I'll be counting on her to teach my little monkey a few tricks ;)

  2. OH how exciting!!!! I am so proud of her!!!! My baby is all grown up!!! I am kind of sad!

  3. Congratulations!! What a cutie!