Saturday, December 30, 2006

My Husband Rocks

Brian has been going non stop today. Dani has been offering to keep Kendall for the day anytime that we want and today we took her up on it. I took Kendall over at about 9:30ish and Brian was working by the time I came home. He cleaned the basement and then moved all of the books from the office down (two flights of stairs and about 6 million trips). I moved all of my office stuff into the guest bedroom (currently covering the bed) and then John came over to help Brian move the bookcases down. SO....we have a nursery! I even put the sheets on the crib tonight. I plan to wash them again before the baby uses them but they are there now. Before you all laugh at me for doing this so early remember that I did not get to do this with Kendall. We moved into our house and the following morning I was sent to the hospital to have a very early baby. Anyway back to the nursery, I brought out the so cute papasan that Jenn and Justin gave us for Kendall, I even pulled out all the little bitty clothes to look at. Ah, what fun. I still will need to get a couple of things: crib skirt, play mat & double stroller but we're doing well really on gear.

Kendall put on her new sunglasses from her Gram. She thinks she is such hot stuff in them. As soon as they are on she has to make sure everyone sees her! I love em! Notice that I have to keep pushing her away from me to take the picture, as soon as the camera comes out she wants to put it up to her head. Oh and we had successful night number two on the big girl bed switch-a-roo. Tomorrow will be the first time she has to have a nap in it so say some prayers for us!

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  1. I will have to come and look at everything. No way would I laugh at you, I remember oh so well, the early baby.
    I am so proud of her. Next time you come to my house you can probably just bring her guard rail. (maybe that will work)