Thursday, December 28, 2006

We're home! We had a great time visiting with everyone. Kendall turned into a bit of a grouch but I guess that is to be expected when she is thrown into a different house & routine. I have to remind myself that she is just a baby and that she isn't really being "bad" but just behaving like a baby. She was good about sharing her love with everyone but I think that she may have taken a special liking to Lin. She would sit across the table from her and point saying, "There she is". Lin and Gram gave Kendall the most magnificant ark (that Lin built!)!Complete with two of every animal (actually, there were four bunnies but you know how bunnies are). Kendall loves opening all the doors and sticking things in there. I'm already finding other toys hidden behind the doors. She also received lots of dress up clothes, books, a fantastic vacuum, beautiful bedding for her big girl much really. When Kendall went to bed after we got home I pulled out every toy in the house and packed up two big boxes to put in the basement so that we can rotate them out.
Since we have been home we've been trying to get organized. We are looking for a bed set for Kendall and slowing moving my office into the guest bedroom so that I can work on a room for Baby Kate. I cleaned the downstairs this morning since Jennie, Nathan, Anna, and Noodle are coming to dinner tomorrow night. Kendall is napping now and then we are going to go over to her Aunt Lorie's house to meet their new puppy, Ollie the Labradoodle. Opps I hear her waking...better go.

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