Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Panic Mode

So last night I officially entered panic mode. Only THREE more months!! I have SO much to do that I haven't even begun that I need to get done before our newest little girly joins the family. I have to move out of my office (I'm already missing this space) and we have to get the crib moved, the walls painted the packed up clothes out. Kendall needs a bed, we need a double stroller (don't we?). I have to mentally prepare myself and do what I can to get caught up on things so that when she gets here I'm not starting out behind. breath, breath... Did I mention that Brian is going to be out of town for three consecutive weeks next month? I can do this. I'm going to be enlisting some help early in January (my girl Dani will be off of school for a little while and can take Kendall once or twice) I hope to get some painting done in the girls' rooms then. I can use nights after Kendall is in bed to work some.
Seriously this is such a bad picture but I wanted to show my belly. I think that finally people can tell I'm pregnant now and not just putting on weight (although I'm doing that too but that is a whole other ranting).


  1. Look how cute you are! I am available to help pack, unpack, paint, whatever!

  2. You know that I can take her as many times as you need me too. i love her to death so it is not a problem. I can also come over and help you do stuff when she is asleep or something. Just let me know! I love you Aunt Ashley!

  3. dani rocks.
    seriously, i can come help if we have a weekened free when brian is out of town. email me with your dates...