Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Little Imp

Doesn't this look like trouble in the making? Obviously someone has been getting into m

y things! I can tell what she is thinking, 'maybe if I smile really cute then she wont notice the beads on the floor and the stuff around my neck'. Actually this is just the face she makes when she sees the camera. She also runs as close to it as she can get so I'm always pushing her back or directing her to stand somewhere else so I can get her picture. Love this little monster! It's a good thing too because she is currently going from two down to one nap which means that by four o'clock she is such a grump!


  1. man, i just can't get over those ADORABLE striped stockings! too adorable.

  2. Anonymous4:51 PM

    The look on her face is too cute!! luv, paula