Friday, April 25, 2008

Confessions of a Paper Chick

Bless me bloggy for I have sinned.
At the urging of another sister I have to tell the full story and confess a little sin or two.
The other day we went to McD's to have our ice cream treat. Me, I had an ice cream cone (even though I must confess I was coveting a m&m McFlurry), the girls split a cup of ice cream. We were halfway through our treats when we finally connected with Lorie on the phone. She said that she would run pick up CJ and be right there for us. Lorie lives only about 4 miles away and Kendall had been really wanting some french fries so I thought that we would wait for her then Kendall could eat fries when she got there. We waited and we waited. Finally Lorie called and said, "Where are you?!" I answered, "At the McDonalds by my house!" Her response, "Ahhhh, I forgot about that one, I went to the McDonalds in {another town}" That town was four miles from her house in the opposite direction" I told her we would still wait but that I was going to get the girls the fries because they were growing restless. Well, I couldn't be expected to sit there empty handed and watch them eat so I got another ice cream cone. Yeah, that's right, you got something to say about that?! I ate TWO ice cream cones while sitting there (gluttony?). Finally Lorie and CJ get there and CJ goes to the counter to buy his McFlurry (covet, covet) and Lorie's cone. He comes back empty handed and says, "They are out of ice cream". Lorie says, "What, how do they run out of ice cream?!" So I say, "", well, I said nothing of course, just presented my best look of shock. CJ went back up to order fries and they were actually able to coax enough ice cream out of the machine for his McFlurry (covet). Lorie sat and visited with my girls while I managed to hide my guilt and my dirty little secret. Before we left they had made more ice cream and Lorie was able to have a cone though. And NO I did not have another. But now my secret is out. Phew, what a relief to have that off my chest. Now the trick will be getting it off of my thighs (the ice cream that is).


  1. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahaha

  2. Man, Ashley. Save some for the children!

    Tee hee hee.

  3. Its ok Aunt Ashley....McDonalds only serves low fat ice cream. We will say that your two low fat ice cream cones only equal one regular cone!

  4. Anonymous1:15 PM

    Two ice cream cones sound pretty good to me, if you're going to beat yourself up over it, you should of gone ahead and had the third one. m