Friday, April 04, 2008


It has rained so much that here is the state of our "garden". I pulled the tree and even drug it to the front yard on trash day. I think that the people that drove very slowly by the house as I was trying to pull this around the house got a good laugh. The sad thing is that the trash men didn't take it so it is currently looking awful in our driveway! If it stops raining long enough I'll have to drag it back to the back yard to the "woods" (for those of you that have seen my backyard, stop laughing). I will say, that the sight of that green green grass does make me happy. I'm so ready for Spring!

Tonight I have big plans of staying up till all hours of the night working on invitations so I can check them off of my list. I have a girlfriend coming over (probably) to keep me company. I don't foresee finishing them tonight but I will get pretty close I think.
And because I can't have a blog post that only has a picture of a hole in my yard here are a few random pictures. Kate is a climber, lately she has been climbing into the baby doll stroller. And here is Kendall petting her Chia-pet from Jenn and Justin. I need to take another picture of it because it has a nice little flat top now.

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