Sunday, April 20, 2008

I haven't been in the computer mood lately (I have a huge stack of books that I want to read) so I'm behind on emails and blogging.

Yesterday we went to Noah's birthday party and had a great time. We are so blessed with good friends! Poor Kendall has now been to three parties and is not so patiently waiting her own. Just a couple more weeks! Her birthday wish list includes:

Her own iPod. Seriously, she wants her own but don't worry she will not be getting one.

Her own car. She broke the news to me as we were in my car. At first I thought maybe she wanted a Cozy Coupe like our neighbors so I said, "A car like Logan's?" and she said, "No, a red car like that one" and pointed to the car in front of us. Well, that is a great big NO.

A Dora phone. She carried one around Target with Aunt Lorie the other day and wanted it so desperately. Aunt Lorie has already gone birthday shopping and she has her all set in Dora stuff including the phone.

Finally, I have been hearing about this one NON-STOP since Anna's party. She wants a scooter. Anna received one for her birthday and Kendall instantly fell in love. We already bought her a pool though but I'm going to have a hard time not going to Toys R Us and getting her this Radio Flyer one.


  1. Love the legs!!

    Go get the scooter!!

    love, paula

  2. Yeah, they can have a scooter gang!

    That view of Kate is one of my favorites of Noah too. Chubby baby legs are the best :)

  3. I showed CJ the scooter the other day and said, Kendall and Kelly would LOVE something like this.