Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Teach 'em Young

Today Kendall did this

and Kate did this

while I did this

This is Kristy's Chicken and Veggie Soup, actually I think she calls it "My Chicken Soup can Beat up Your Momma's Chicken Soup" or something like that. It is good!! Try it. Afterwards we cleaned up. Aunt Lorie & CJ came over for a visit too. Then Lorie took CJ to soccer and took my girls with her to give me some alone time. Actually, it was 'cleaning' time not really alone time. I had to clean because my Momma is coming tomorrow and we're very very excited!! Oh and Lorie bought Kendall a Dora watch, soon the daughter of an anti-character woman will be fully decked out in character clothing.

On another note. We had Bible Study at a friends house last week. She has one of these.

Since then Kendall has asked me MULTIPLE times for a "jumpoline" of her very own.


  1. Anna loved that "jumpoline" too. She hasn't asked for one yet, but if Kendall gets one then I'm in trouble.

    Just don't let Anna see that Dora watch! :o

  2. To this day kelly and Patrick call it a jumpoline too. isn't that funny?