Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Ah, where to start?!

Kendall had her first day of preschool on Monday. I think that she really enjoyed it. She walked right in and started to play and then I had to take her back to the hall to hang up her coat and backpack. She then decided that it wouldn't be a good idea to go back in the classroom and planted her feet on the ground and declared that she wasn't going to school. Her teacher came and picked her up to distract her and I just called out that I would be back soon to pick her up and then I was off. Kate made a few grunts of protest, I think that she was trying to communicate to me that we had left her sister behind but she soon decided that she either didn't mind too much or she realized that I wasn't understanding her attempts at communication. When I picked her up the teacher said that she did great and I have been able to pry little else about the day from Kendall. Tomorrow is day two so we'll see how that goes.

Kendall on her swing
The house is great, I couldn't be happier. The girls have a fun play room in the basement. Since they have a sand box outside I turned their sand table into a bean table and they will play there non-stop. We also set up their outdoor playhouse in the basement and their kitchen and 8 million other large toys are all down there too. I'm continually amazed at how big this house is. I always thought our other house was roomy but here I can easily lose any member of my family. Precautions are taken of course. The baby gate is moved up and down the stairs with me to keep the kids on the same level as me but to find Brian can sometimes be a challenge. Three levels of living space creates a lot of room to hide. The lighting in the house is interesting. Three of the bedrooms don't have overhead lighting so we have to rely on lamps and windows right now (and our lot is incredibly shady so not a lot of light there). The bathroom and kitchen have all been recently updated and they have WAY too many "lighting options" not kidding the kitchen has six different switches in various locations that light different areas. I'm still experimenting but I have been using different ones at different times in the day. My favorites are the under cabinet lights. The bathrooms are the same way.

We've been able to get a LOT of stuff done but today I stalled out a little.
The girls have been handling the change really well. Kendall has had a rough time at bedtime every night but tonight she went to bed flawlessly. What a relief I am not a fan of night time dramatics! Kate has been absolutely her self and mellow about the whole thing. She LOVES to spin in circles now and for some reason she always wants to do this in Kendall's room. She walks into the room and starts spinning immediately. Oh I forgot to tell you about Kendall's room. One of the bedrooms has a very bright pink carpet and pink walls. Before moving in Brian and I discussed changing the carpet. I had decided that would be Kate's room just because Kendall's bedding would clash (too much pink). When we arrived Saturday morning we were doing our tour throughout the house and we made it upstairs into the pale blue room. It's beautiful with white trim and a wall length closet with great shelving. All of a sudden from the other room I hear Kendall in a very loud voice, "MY ROOM, I HAVE A PINK ROOM WITH PINK CARPET! I LOVE MY ROOM!!!" I wonder if I will ever get used to it enough that I don't cringe when I walk into it? Na, probably not, ha.
Oh well. That's all for now. I'll try to take some pictures tomorrow to include.


  1. Haha! So many funny things!

    How could you possibly deny her after such excitement!! Maybe she needs some more Dora stuff to go with her pink carpet! haha!

    I am so happy that you love your new house so much. Brian did a great job again!

    Can't wait to see more pictures!!

  2. oh Ashley! You are doing so well. I am so proud of you taking the challenges of moving with small children head-on!! you are seriously my hero. The girls seem to be doing so well. Brava!!