Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Quickity Quick

I'm heading up to bed but felt I should do a fast update (okay, Lorie applied a little bit of pressure for an update).

  • We had Gram and Pop here for a few days. They are so great with the girls and we had such a nice time visiting.

  • One night we had salad with our dinner. The celery and peppers came from my garden and I had carrots from Jeff and Jill's garden. So nice.

  • WE SOLD OUR HOUSE!!!! Officially sold tonight and we close in a week, ha.

  • Kate ran full force into the corner of our table--right on her head and knocked her flat.

  • We ordered a lot of furniture and I can not wait to get it in. I'll post pictures as things come in. We changed the fabrics on quite a few pieces so they will take a month probably.

  • Potential danger --Kate is shorter then the top of the family room fireplace. I saw her walk right in it today.


  1. Kate and Kendall both look so big in these pics. How sad!

    But too cute as always!!
    thank you for giving me a fix. Now, if only Kristy would follow suit. ha

  2. oh ... and celery, how did you discover you had that. We didn't notice that one while we were there. How awesome!!