Saturday, September 27, 2008

Bug Love

Kendall has a very sensitive nose and whenever she smells something suspicious she wrinkles up her nose and creases her brown and says, "What's that smell like?". Last week we drove to visit Great Gram and Aunt Jill, they live near a lot of farms (a lot of the produce in our grocery store comes from their little town). Every time I would open the car door or we stepped outside Kendall's little nose would scrunch up and she would say, "I smell cow poo poo".

She is generally pretty good about making singular words plural but yesterday on our walk she was gathering things off the ground (as usual) and she said, "Look, I have two leaf-fez".

She is constantly making me smile.


  1. she makes me smile too!

  2. Both of your girls are constantly making me smile. You are too! I miss you!