Friday, September 26, 2008

A Scenic Dinner

Tonight Brian is staying with Jeff and Jill so that they can run a race tomorrow. The girls and I were sitting at the table having our dinner and enjoying watching Chippy our chipmunk run around the back yard, hiding under the Hostas and scampering to and fro. We were giggling and cheering for him and all of a sudden a cat (that I have never seen before) raced across our grass and pounced. Three jaws dropped, there was silence. Kate broke the silence saying, "Bye bye". I raced outside scatting and yelling, the cat ran off but I don't know what the damage was. Chippy has yet to make another appearance.

Brian ordered our camera, should be 5-7 days.

Kate is either teething, not feeling well or just now expressing concern over all the changes. She has been uncharacteristically whiny and not so nice to be around. My guess is a combination of all three problems...there has been excessive drooling and a bit of a hoarse voice. She has been cracking me up anyway. Whenever you tell her something now she says, "Kay". Love it.

Kendall had a great day at school yesterday, she just walked right in and took her hand. When we pick her up she always runs straight to Kate and says, "It was so fun Sissy!". I have to scrapbook about that.

I should use this non-blogging time to do some scrapbooking but I haven't done any yet. I want to so I may stay up late tonight and do some. I'm exhausted though so I doubt it will get done!

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  1. Oh no!!! Too sad, but funny it a very twisted way...

    Ilove and miss ya'll. Kay?