Thursday, June 25, 2009

I spent the day playing with my toys. Well, as much as I could Kate, has had an upset tummy (evident by the massive quantities of stinky diapers) and she fell off the bottom three steps of BOTH staircases today. Crazy monkey, she had a rough day with the grumps to prove it!

One of the cool new features of the computer is the built in camera/video. We had a brief little 'call' with Jenn and Justin tonight. We loved it, the girls sat on my lap and Brian squatted behind me. Jenn and Justin held Frank and we talked about not much, ha.
I remember when I got my first car that I wanted to sleep in it the first night. I kind of feel that way tonight. I have a lot to learn on here and I just want to sit in my office tonight, ha. But I'm tired, I didn't sleep last night either so I had better get to bed soon. 

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