Friday, June 19, 2009

Surprise Again!

Nancy's family had a great party for her with lots of friends and family on Sunday night. It was fantastic!
Mom, and the sisters.

A cute niece.
A cute niece.
A cute niece.
These two I couldn't keep off the dance floor. I really don't know where they got it.
Wait, maybe I do know. The next few could potentially be embarrassing. But I don't care, I love to dance and evidently I love to wave my arms around a lot and sing along too.
It must run in the family, Dani is getting into it too!

Sing it sistas
Really, we're all kind of shy, can't you tell?
And cameras really intimidate us.


  1. Could it have been the adult beverages that caused such frivolity??? The party was great fun. I have been busy and haven't posted any pictures but am about to get was great getting to spend time with you and the girls. I don't think we had ever gotten to be in the same house with you guys and it was such fun!! Your girls are the best, such sweethearts....although I think we felt like their grandparents at times!!! We love you guys bunches and you have no idea how attached we became to you all while we were in PCola!! You guys are all always welcome in Texas....come see, aunt paula

  2. And just where is a picture of your handsome older brother??????????????