Thursday, June 25, 2009

This Man!

This man of mine is so sweet. Since before we even moved here my computer was getting really, reeeeeeeeallllllly slow. It's been making awful grinding noises and sometimes it takes several minutes to switch between open windows. Occasionally it will start to make this sound that sounds just like an airplane getting ready to take off. When our desks were in the same room (at the old house) he would sometimes hear me say, "Flight attendants, please prepare for take off."

Well, yesterday out of nowhere I received a cryptic email informing me that a couple of packages would be arriving in the mail--one today and one tomorrow. I had my suspicions but was afraid to guess. I didn't want to guess computer if he had bought me a new pair of tennis shoes, it would seem ungrateful! I could tell he kind of wanted to tell me (he would be at work when they arrive) so it only took a few questions to find out it was a new laptop. Too bad we didn't have a camera on for my reaction, it would have caught me trying to pick him up and carry him around. He held out until bedtime to tell me the best's a Mac Book (of course then I couldn't sleep)! I have this dream er, plan to go back to school for graphic design and the Mac Book will be SWEET for that!!!! He gave me a sweet reason why he did it too, but I wont put it for fear of embarrassing him.

And the little package that arrives iPod touch. Eeek. What a good man!
I think it was good for me to be gone for three weeks. One day over email we had this conversation:
Me: Have you hung our new painting?
B: Not yet, I really haven't had much time, I've had to get groceries, cook my own dinner, do laundry...
Me: Man, you need a wife!
B: I know, when are you coming home?!
He knows just what to say to make me feel appreciated, ha.


  1. Aw, Ashley, that is really sweet! Your man and my man need to hang out. :) Hehe!

  2. Yes, it IS sweet!! Your man and your BROTHER need to hang out. :)

  3. I'm a Mac. You'll never be able to go back.

  4. I taught Brian everything he knows about this sort of thing so I'm glad it makes you happy. Susan and I celebrated our 38th anniversary this week so you should have a lot more "surprises" to look forward to. I Brian's Dad) took Susan to the Rays/Phillies game to celebrate (just kidding). We are going to dinner and then to the beach to take in the sunset to celebrate.