Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Inspiration: Home Edition

I'm a filer, I love to look at magazines and rip out the stuff that I like and neatly place the pages in the appropriate binder (home, craft, kid's activity, or recipe). I also place it in a specific tabbed location within said binder but we wont get into my OCD in this post. I also like to surf the Internet and save pictures within those same categories so for all you blog readers out there here is a little home inspiration. I feel bad doing this because I can't give proper credit though--I don't save the blog addresses where these come from. I love this little reading nook...maybe in one of the girls' rooms or the basement? I also will be framing their artwork for around the house too.

If we ever get the furniture piece for the master bathroom I like this idea for one of the shelves.

Cute little vignette for a girl's room.

I can give credit for this one. This is in photographer Tara Whitney's home. I really like the framed photos, the ledges and the glass jars.

I just found this one yesterday, love it. Shadow box frames with items that relate to the pictures: sidewalk chalk with the picture of the kids writing on sidewalk...

I have a thing for birds, and glass jars.

I love the layering of different fabrics/patterns. I'm thinking of Kate's big girl bed.

I would love to turn our mud room closet into this locker bin type thing. I also love all the red accents.

All right that's it for now. Someday soon maybe I'll do Inspriation: Crafty Edition. Hope you enjoyed the sneak peeks of things that may one day be ripping off to put in my own house.


  1. I didn't think you liked birds....

  2. HA Paula, you are so right! I don't want to be close to a real bird but I love paintings and fake ones, ha. I do like to look at the real ones out our windows too.