Friday, June 19, 2009

There are no words... describe how awesome this trip was.
My heart is full with good memories.
My stomach is twisted thinking of being apart from all that goodness that is my family.
My body and soul is so incredibly thrilled to be back in my own home with my sweet sweet hubby.
While words are few the pictures are many. I'll start off with just a few from the Friday night surprise and some cousin time (the kids) leading up to it.
This is with Memaw in a restaurant in Amish country.

This is my nephew Paul we have great memories growing up together (he is only four years younger then me), we liked to sing the Davy Crockett song together, play school and most frequently we could be found playing 'poor people'...oh yes we did. Here I was sitting on his lap and it made Kendall very uncomfortable, the whole time she was saying, "No Mommy, No"
This is my 'big' sister Kristy. I like this picture because it looks like I'm about to spontaneously combust or something. We have great memories of growing up too, mostly fighting over clothes. Other good memories too like when she talked me into sitting on the handlebar of her bike and then proceeded to ride at full speed and slam on the brakes. And then there was that time we play 'Dirty Dancing' and she promised me that she could to the lift. That was the first time I ever had the breath knocked out of me.

SURPRISE. Oh yeah, we got her good. And then, two nights later, we got her good again...more pictures later.

Despite the look on my face I was having fun. I must have been contemplating my second margarita at this point.

This one did not have a margarita. She did have some extreme reactions to those crazy bugs down there and she even fell out of the bed one night.

This one, I love this one. She birthed me...after birthing seven before me. Yes, she's hero material.

Playing shots.

Me:"Who stinks?"
Kate: "ME!"

He is ALL BOY, he looks boy, he walks boy, he acts boy, I love 'em.

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