Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Day in the Life Part II

When the morning bike ride is over we start getting ready for the beach. Haul all your goods one block down to the water and get your stuff all set up.

Spend the day digging holes (or laying in them), jumping waves, boogie boarding snacking on 'water ice' and playing with family and sometimes FRIENDS TOO! Depending on behavior one of us may go back to the house with one or both girls for naptime but then right back out to the beach afterward and if you are really blessed (like us) your in-laws will take a few shifts at the house during nap time too! If you get bored during that nap time you may choose to streeeetch until you can reach your mom's makeup bag on the dresser and entertain yourself that way.

After all of that it should be around 4:30 and you need to start packing up to get home and shower for dinner.

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