Friday, July 10, 2009

What a fabulous day we've had. Our friend Jen had a garage sale this morning so  we grabbed up our leftover stuff from last weekend and headed over there. They have such a fun backyard with a goldfish pond and a fabulous garden as well as a great play area for the kids. We had so much fun but we only lasted until 1:00. The girls were getting tired so we took what was left over to the used clothing store. The girls took a late nap and then we headed out to the library for a little BBQ and jazz on the patio. It was such a nice day and to top it all off Brian gets home tonight!

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  1. Ashley, if you go back to your friend's house, could you take a picture of the whole fish pond? I would like to see it and maybe get some ideas. Thanks.

    You guys have a good week!! love, paula