Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Journaling Prompt

On the Wildflowers and Marbles homeschooling blog that I read she often uses these journaling prompts. I think it's a nice record of your day, your space, your plans, your life and will be interesting to read in the future so I'm adding this 'label' and hope to incorporate this kind of post occasionally. 

Outside our a soft slow rain. We love these kind of days every once in awhile. The girls and I did our errands this morning and were excited to get home, change into our pjs, grab our blankets and snuggle onto the couch with a movie and books (and a laptop sometimes too).

I am thankful very very much. Our family,  my relationship with my husband and our home. We've been here almost a year and daily I have think about how much I love our home. There is still a lot that I would like to do, still a lot left to do but regardless I love it.

I am wearing...brown sweatpants, a long sleeve grey Harvard shirt and pink stripped socks. Fancy, I know.

In the kitchen...Is a PLETHORA of fruits and veggies because we went to the farmers market this morning. We also stopped by our favorite bakery and picked up a hearty multigrain bread and had them slice it thickly. I plan to grill it, top it with ricotta cheese and grilled veggies for dinner one night. Yummy. 

I am reading...Darcy's Diary by Amanda Grange. I'm on a Pride and Prejudice kick lately. I just finished (and recommend) Darcy's Passions a retelling of Pride and Prejudice through Darcy's eyes. 

I am hearing...Kendall's movie which is sadly covering up the sound of the rain (but only 5 minutes until nap time)

In our learning spaces...I picked up a nice stack of books at the library and I have big plans to sit down with the stack and plan activities for the rest of the summer.

Around the house...Things are actually pretty clean however there are comfortable messes around: vegetables sitting out on the kitchen counter, papers and crayons strewn over the girls' desk, and books all around...just the good 'life is getting lived' kind of mess.

I will claim a moment for myself...Even though I feel stretched for time alone, I will say that I cherish those quiet naptimes and early evenings when the girls first go down. I'm blessed that Kendall will still take a nap at 4. I think that I'm pretty good about balancing that down time with a little bit of productivity and a little bit of relaxing. Today as the girls nap, I will sit here snuggled with my Grandmother's quilt and relax, with a book, a blog, or maybe even a little snooze.

A few plans for the rest of the week...We're very excited that Dani is coming to visit us. We're planning on cooking together in the evenings, taking a picnic to a local farm, and maybe working on some artwork for hanging in the girls' rooms.

A picture to share:

I will resume our Day in the Life Ocean City posts soon.

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  1. Are those hydrangeas? So pretty!

    I may steal this idea. My blog is total snooze lately :p