Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Official request for a day off. Urgh, I'm tired.

I sat down to upload photos for a blogpost and found ZERO new pictures on my camera. So here is a quick recap: make trip planning list, gather supplies that aren't perishable, make another list of things to get closer to leave date, start washing, folding, collecting clothing needed, break for the pool, have friends over (learn that the 4 year old needs friends over more frequently to practice sharing), take girls for their haircuts, plan dinner party to occur 1.5 days prior to trip departure, gather more stuff, stack large piles of everything on guest bed, another pool trip, make a few more lists. Wake up in the middle of the night multiple times 3 out of the last 7 days with a (teething-2 year molars??) two year old. Decide that going on vacation is a LOT of work. On the very bright bright side: the umbrella, sand anchor, and beach chairs I ordered all arrived, Brian took us to the outlets (great surprise, great hubby) to get a couple of things, we're super excited
 about time at the beach and time with family, and only TWO more days (not counting today since it's almost over right!?!?!) until we leave.

Brian is having dinner out with some work people so I think we're going very easy toni
ght. Veggie burger or hot dog anyone? Tomorrow I'll get dinner party and trip groceries. Friday Brian is off work, I may take the early morning off (still have to talk to Brian about this) and go to a few garage sales with Jen :) then finish packing and loading. Leave first thing Saturday. Phew, we can do it!

Since we can't have a blog post without a picture here are a few Photobooth pictures that the girls and I have taken. Have I posted these yet!? I don't even know.

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