Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Baby Kate!

One year ago today my heart that was so full grew immeasurably more. At one month old you smiled your first smile and you haven't stopped since. You have brought so much joy to this house. We feel so blessed that God choose us to be your parents. We love you Sissy Lou.


  1. Happy Birthday Kate!! We love that your mommy blogs so that we can watch you grow!! You are a cutie!! Hope to get to hug you in person sometime before you graduate from high school.... :)

    (I am adding Kate's birthday to my list right now!!)

    love, paula

  2. Happy birthday, Kate. Isn't it amazing how one year flies by?
    And how 50 years fly by too - happy birthday Gus!

    Love, K

  3. Happy Birthday little monkey! I love you!

  4. Happy Birthday Kate!!!

  5. Happy Birthday to my sweet little baby. I love you!!

  6. Happy belated sweet baby Kate! Can't wait to celebrate with you when we get home!