Monday, March 17, 2008


...I have been working on these wedding invitations. As I make each fold and punch I send up little prayers that Kim is happy with the end result.

Today I caught this little munchkin smearing her cracker hands all over my newly cleaned windows. She likes to stick her tongue out at me. I couldn't pick a favorite picture so I'm including them all. Oh and she is a little sick (snotty) so you may not want to enlarge these, ha.

Last week at our park date Kendall got a little muddy. When we got in the car I gave her a wet wipe and she was cleaning up and talking to herself as we drove home:
Kendall: Got that dirt off of there.
Kendall: Say it Mommy, say 'get that dirt off of there'
Me: Get that dirt off of there
Kendall: I will Mom, don't your worry about me Mom.

Check back tonight if you want a new "Twofer" recipe. Prep once and get two meals...."Twofer" the prep time of one.

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  1. Anonymous10:02 AM

    I checked back...but no twofer.
    I'll wait patiently.