Sunday, March 16, 2008

Home At Last

Brian's home! He made it in last night and surprisingly his luggage arrived with him. He didn't even experience any flight delays (this is very unusual for him). The girls were happy to see him and Kendall is excited to share her new big girl-ness with someone else. She runs to tell him every time she goes potty. I think that she has stepped up her game a little more and requests to go potty more frequently just to show him.

We made our trek over to Panera this morning and since we've been home he has consumed an entire bowl of cucumber salad that I had waiting for him.

The girls played really well together today, they really are good at entertaining each other. The end result looked like this though:

Well, EVERYONE else in this house is napping so I'm going to get some of these invitations done. Since I have my camera again the blogging should be back to daily posts now.

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