Friday, March 07, 2008

Sick of These Yet?

Kristy, this set includes more of the yellow house. I may have more though, I didn't bring all our pictures home Brian has the rest saved on his laptop.

Different yellow house. This was taken in a beautiful little town called Szentendra. It was dark and rainy but I could have gotten LOTS of gorgeous photos here if the weather and time of day had been better. (both above and below)

Paprika anyone? Market in Budapest


Fresh spices at Naschtmarkt, Vienna

I have a fascination with doorways

Texture of the yellow house (this could be a third Kristy or I may have one of the green doorway?? on Brian's computer)

More of Naschtmarkt above and below. I think these two along with the one in the other post will be printed for hanging in my kitchen. Or maybe just two of them, one on either side of the big window.


We're not going to leave the house today, it's snowing pretty heavily outside. I went to the gym the last two days and I'm pretty sore. I left the camera with Brian so no recent pics of the girls for you. Maybe when Kristy's visitor gets back (Lorie) I can borrow one from her stash of cameras.


  1. Anonymous9:11 AM

    i think the herb photo, the spice photo and the market photo would be a good threesome. do you still remember how to mat your own photos?

  2. I remember how to mat them but I don't have the right tools to do it. At school we used a special blade that made a beveled cut on the mat. If you print at a normal size is is cheap to buy a precut mat at Target or Michaels. I like those three too, since my windows are so big I think the wall portion is small enough that only one on each side of the main window would be enough, I want them to be the same orientation too, both vertical or both horizontal. I'll finish playing with all of the photos in Photoshop soon and put them on a site that you can order them from (not Walmart--I'm sick of them cropping my pictures).

  3. Great pictures!!

    Do you happen to remember what the cost on the tulips were? Just for comparison for here....