Sunday, March 09, 2008

I love...

  • That Kate is such a muncha muncha. You can always count on her to eat. For breakfast she had a baby food container, a YoBaby yogurt and an entire pancake (her first). As I was wiping off her hands and mouth she was trying to get to the last piece of pancake that was on her highchair.
  • The way Kendall mixes up her words sometimes. Example A: She has been in panties for three days now and if she has a little accident she says, "It's okay, sometimes we have accidents" well yesterday she got confused and said, "It's okay, sometimes we need a little attention". Example B: while Pop and Gram were here and taking a walk she turned around to walk backwards and said, "Look at me, I'm upside down". Ha ha

1 comment:

  1. Three days?! Yay Kendall! Welcome to the world of Dora panties :)