Wednesday, March 19, 2008

So She Says and Other Randomness

Kendall checking out her shadow on our walk today:

Time for another round of Kendall quotes.
  • Instead of 'hand sanitizer' she calls it "Hanitizer"
  • Today while cooking breakfast I asked her if she knew where eggs came from and she said with absolute certainty, "the fridge"
  • She has gotten VERY curious lately. I think the word "why" comes out of her mouth 800 million times each hour. Sometimes she says, "Why?"... "Because?" It's nice of her to answer her own question.
Kate learned a few new tricks too. She will give kisses upon request. She learned to point and she found a fun orifice to stick her pointer finger in (her left nostril). She thinks it is hilarious. She sticks her finger in for a second, takes it out then cracks up. Oh to be entertained so easily.

Hmmm, I wonder if she is a lefty??
We went and sat on the Easter Bunnies lap today, I'll post that picture in the next couple of days but here is Kendall's reaction when she first saw the E.B. It may not look like it but this is the face of pure excitement. There was squealing and jumping up and down to accompany this expression.

And finally, here is a random question that I'm really curious about. If you were going to be living outside of America and before you left you could go to Target and one other store to stock up an entire suitcase of stuff that you wouldn't be able to get wherever you were going to be living what would you HAVE to get?

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  1. I love 'hanitizer.' Its actually a much more efficient way of speaking, combining words like that. she's one smart cookie.