Thursday, November 06, 2008

BIG day

Most of you know that art is my 'thing'. I studied it in school and I continue to do it today (although it is less art and much more craft now!). I am always doing something crafty with the girls but they are still at an age for experimenting with the materials. I don't tell Kendall that she has to color in the lines and I don't encourage her to create any one thing. She is still at the age that she is experimenting with the differences between crayons, markers, colored pencils, paint... When I look at her completed artwork we talk more about the shapes and colors that she created and I avoid the question, "What is it?" If you're interested this is a great book to learn how to introduce art and talking about art to your children: The Art of Teaching Art to Children: In School and at Home
Anyway, today is a great day because Kendall took that next step and started creating representational things in her artwork! It started out with this face, with "words in his mouth".

Then she added legs....

...and feet!
I am SO glad that I grabbed the camera when I did because soon after the last picture was taken she decided to color him in with a black sad. Even though I wanted grab it to laminate the thing and display it for the rest of my life I let her do it.


  1. oh my gosh, ashley! this is so great! I admit I never thought about teaching art/encouraging art and how it should be done. I MUST remember to get that book when my little ones finally arrive! Kendall is such a sweetie! I love the words in the mouth!

  2. Love love love the picture! And Thank God you had your camera. What a precious thing to have a memory of.

    Also, don't forget this was a memorable week for Kate. She had her first 3 word sentence.

  3. I KNOW! I was just talking to Kristy about that today. Give me time, I've got to spread this blogging out :)