Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Meet Lucy

Her friends sometimes call her Lou. Lucy's favorite book is Pride and Prejudice and she loves to sit with it in her big arm chair next to the fireplace while sipping an over sized mug of Hot Cocoa (with marsh mellows not whip cream). Lucy has been strategically positioned to hide her bum arm, poor Lucy. She over compensates for her disability by over lifting weights with her other arm.

Face and shoes to come later. I have to make her best friend.


  1. She is really cute. What do you mean about her arm? What is wrong with it? I think you should post pics of your girls in whatever clothes they grew out of and you made the dolls out of!!
    Great job!!

  2. I planned on doing that but it was taking too long to find a picture. Great idea though. Her left arm juts out from her body.

  3. She's adorable! Did you go with the wool hair? It looks great!

    You are on a blogging roll, woman!

  4. Elena3:14 PM

    I ran into your blog last week and totally love it! I book-marked your blog and come when I have a little extra time. I'm from Texas a stay-home and do alot of monogramming, for me and for others. Thanks for opening a window from your house.

  5. Ashley,
    Your craftiness truly inspires me every day. What a beauty!! Good work. WHo cares about her bum arm, the girls will love her no matter what!!!