Thursday, November 20, 2008

Over Caffinated

The last two days I have over dosed on caffeine but as a result my entire house has been scrubbed with a tooth brush. Seriously, yesterday morning at about 7ish I had a cocoa/coffee mixture that left me crazy hyper until I finally hit the wall at 4. Lots of cleaning, crafting and playing was done.

This week the girls finally realized that they have a built in playmate with their sister. They have played nonstop together with minimal to no fussing. I recently read the book Siblings without Rivalry and it has really taught me how to help them work out their squabbles on their own. Obviously Kendall has been listening to me because I've heard her expressing things with her words instead of other physical ways, "It's really frustrated when she sits in my seat." or "It's really frustrated when you have to share your (fill in the blank)." I love it. Not only is it ideal that she is voicing her frustrations instead of pushing Kate or snatching things but it is also just plain adorable to hear her work through it.

Today Kate had her first haircut. I think we only had two little snips of the scissors but we really needed to trim up the back to let the rest of her hair catch up. She was not a big fan of the whole situation.
Also, I was so bothered by Sam's (the doll) torso that I had to make a different one for Kendall. Meet Sophie. She likes to knit and listen to Jack Johnson on her iPod. Her favorite food is sushi and she has a weakness for sweater vests. Next up will be painting on the little faces and shoes!


  1. So what happens if you mess up painting? Can you remove the face without doing damage to the rest of the doll? ...just wondering!

  2. Poor Kate!

    Nathan was wondering if Sophie has a boyfriend. I mean, her love for sweater vests is very appealing...

  3. I heard that Sophie's boyfriend wears turtle necks ...