Saturday, November 15, 2008

Oh What Fun It Is To...


That is what we did today. The top two items on my list were new winter coat and some winter shoes and I didn't find either. When I'm in my hometown for Thanksgiving I'll visit a few shops there.

Generally we put our tree up over Thanksgiving weekend but we're going to have a few crazy weekends coming up and we'll be out of town for a little while so we went ahead and did it today. So much fun. We had a lot fewer rooms (and smaller rooms) at our old house so we may have to fill in with some new decorations. We decided to prevent premature opening of other people's presents (by the littlest Chicklet) by putting them up on the mantle.

I'm so ready to see the girls open their presents this year. I can hardly stand it!

1 comment:

  1. You're nuts putting your tree up this early...but I'm jealous!

    I am so excited about the kids this year too. We'll have to share video via blogs :)

    And I want to see what's in those shopping bags!