Monday, November 17, 2008


Today was a day of perfection. The snow fell softly all day today, when I walked outside I could hear the snow falling, it's one of the most beautiful sounds in the world, I think. The girls must have sensed the peace around us because they played so nicely together today. There wasn't a minute that they weren't doing something together they even went to the basement to play by themselves. I heard this exchange all day today, "Kate, do you want to go (fill in the blank)" quickly followed by Kate's, "Mo" (because she says no to whatever question you ask her). And Kendall's unfazed reply, "Okay, let's go!"

We got outfitted for all the snow that is supposed to be falling this week.
Our woodland creatures payed us a visit, Chippy, four deer in the backyard this morning and the raccoon (unfortunately). Tonight he disturbed the peace to do some noisy stuff under the deck. It scared Kendall, she kept saying, "That bothers me!" and getting close to my side. I peeked my head out the back doors and his little nose poked out. Tomorrow I'll be calling a Critter Getter I'm afraid.
I was able to get my desk and studio picked up quite a bit. But then....I found these online and I've added them to our homemade Christmas list. I started on them tonight. I think the girls will love them. I'm actually using their old baby clothes for the body fabric.


  1. The dolls are so darn cute!!

    I will have to show JOhn the pic of Kendall. He said he talked to her when you called him about the racoon last night and when he asked her about her snow clothes it went something like this:

    What color are your new snow pants?
    Kendall: Pink

    What color is your coat?
    Kendall: Pink

    What color are your gloves?
    Kendall: Pink

    What color is your hat?
    Kendall: Pink


  2. I love a bundled up little munchkin. They are sooo adorable!