Sunday, November 16, 2008


The countdown to Christmas company is on and it's high time we start 'finishing' the house! Today we worked a bit in the foyer. Mirror and lamp. Phew, hard work (actually, the walls are plaster so hanging that heavy sucker was hard work...for Brian).

You may remember that at one time I mentioned creating a Pottery Barn-esque display of frames on the mantle. Well, we're finally getting around to it. Today I picked up the remaining frame I was missing as well as the mattes that I needed. Tonight I'll be looking through photos to order (expect an email from me Lorie). We're going to stick with all black and white photos and mostly candid (not posed) shots.
That's about it for us, we're going to try out a local restaurant tonight and afterwards snuggle in to get out of the snow...I see hot chocolate and a cozy fire (?) in our future. Oh and we have plans to watch our wedding DVD tonight because it's our 6 year anniversary today too.


  1. Happy Anniversary! My bad friend-ness continues with no card :(

    p.s. If I were Brian's dad I would be totally offended by your framing technique ;)

  2. HAAAAA! I know, that is bad isn't it? Actually the frame came without a matte, I'm going to resize their picture and turn it to b&w so it will fit in with all the rest.

  3. Happy Anniversary to you,
    Happy Anniversary to you,
    Happy Anniversary to Ashley and Brian
    Happy Anniversary to you! creativeness rocks!